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Each property gets 5 votes…


Cast Vote One Vote Each for:

Craig Beatty
Keith Honig
Steve Kerman
Fritz Stover
Mark Teitelbaum


Elect the Neighborly 5 for the Three Springs HOA Board.

Positivity wins the day.
Let’s move forward together!

It is time for all members of the board to be invested in working together, even when they disagree on issues. Healthy debate makes for healthy decisions and policies.

Please cast one vote each for all of the “Neighborly Five” for the Three Springs HOA Board of Directors.

Why the need for all of Neighborly Five?

This year, Craig, Mark, Keith and Fritz, all four incumbents, are pleased to include Steve Kerman, a prior Three Springs HOA Board president, to run together for the HOA Board seats. Adding Steve will greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Board, for all of us believe the following about being on the Board:

Good Board Governance = Less Is More.

The Board is responsible to run the business of the Association and oversee the management company. It is the management company’s responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the neighborhood. The board should avoid getting into the weeds, not rush to cultivate them. The Board’s duty is to focus on issues that impact property values of the neighborhood, not invent problems to solve.

A Board Speaks with One Voice.

Decisions of the Board are arrived at through healthy debate, deliberation, and then, a vote. It is okay to be a dissenter, but it is not okay to ignore the Board’s majority decision.

Understand Fiduciary Responsibility.

Going on patrol to find homes to write up for violations is NOT the job of a fiduciary, nor does our neighborhood want it. Patrolling is a contractual obligation of the management company. Reviewing the violations is the job of the Board.

Be Fiscally Sound.

Fiscal responsibility is our actual fiduciary responsibility. Despite multiple dues increases in the years surrounding the over-budget Front Entrance project, Three Springs maintains relatively low annual dues. Despite changing management companies, additional legal expenses this past year, and addressing problems of the past, we operated within budget, threw a party in the park, funded our reserves, and kept 2023 dues unchanged. Do not let anyone tell you the board operated irresponsibly nor at a deficit. Only someone who doesn’t understand accounting would tell you otherwise.

Be Modern.

Our CC&Rs and other documents were written in the 1980’s. We think it is time to take a serious look at updating these documents. Mark and Craig have already begun the job. Ultimately, however, approving CC&R changes is up to the Members, not the Board.

Be Responsive.

This past year, Craig responded immediately to multiple homeowners’ issues. And under the leadership of Fritz, architectural requests were reviewed quickly, and almost all were approved, within days. We are here to be helpful — not control your shade of white paint, choose your flower colors, or tell you to change something that’s been there for a decade.

Be Neighborly.

“Neighborly” isn’t a buzzword, but it is about actions and attitudes. It is about conducting business in an open and friendly manner. It is about understanding we have the same goals, even if the road to them is different. It is about looking for the good in each other, not assuming the worst. And it is certainly NOT about spreading rumors, gossip, or disinformation. Which brings us to…

There is No Place for Fear Mongering.

There is simply no place for fear mongering, fabrication of “facts,” or spreading disinformation in a peaceful neighborhood like Three Springs. It is not only a waste of time, it is upsetting to our neighbors.

And Finally, Be Honorable.

Board members are stewards of the neighborhood, volunteering time, expertise, and energy to make Three Springs a better place to live for current and future neighbors. When communicating with neighbors, voting on actions, or fact finding, it is imperative that board members act honorably, openly, considerately, and represent all homeowners, with true integrity, and without personal bias.

About the Candidates

Want to know more about the candidates?  Here’s a bit on each of them to give you some insight into each.

Craig Beatty

Craig Beatty

Current HOA Board President

Three Springs Resident for over 15 years.

Craig is a Partner at KPMG. Craig serves on two non-profit boards and has worked with Corporate boards for over 25 years.

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Keith Honig

Keith Honig

Current HOA Board Treasurer

Three Springs Resident for over 20 years.

Keith is an attorney and a Certified Public Accountant and is currently Head of Commercial Mortgage Lending for Pacific Life Insurance Company.

Read more…

Steve Kerman

Steve Kerman

Former Three Springs HOA Board President

Three Springs Resident for over 30 years.

Steve is a retired marketing executive, small business owner with multiple locations, and active in multiple non-profit and philanthropic activities.

Read more…

Fritz Stover

Fritz Stover

Current HOA Board Secretary

Three Springs Resident for over 20 years.

Fritz is a retired professional pilot, after flying for over 40 years to over fifty countries.

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Mark Teitelbaum

Mark Teitelbaum

Current HOA Board Vice-President

Three Springs Resident for over 20 years.

Mark is the owner of Teitelbaum Artists Group, a personal management and production company.

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Action Items!

Everyone needs to do their part! Please help in the following ways:

  • Tell at least 3 of your neighbors about this web site
  • Encourage them to vote!
  • If you don’t have a ballot by February 1, request a replacement ballot from Gold Coast Management by calling (805) 499-7800.

Everyone needs to speak up!

It takes all of us to to move forward!

Don’t Forget to Vote!

In order for an election to be valid, it must reach quorum.  That means that over 50% of the homes must vote — a difficult bar to reach.  Don’t rely on your neighbors. Each property gets five votes: we ask that you cast one vote for each of the candidates:

  • Craig Beatty
  • Keith Honig
  • Fritz Stover
  • Steve Kerman
  • Mark Teitelbaum

Missing Your Ballot?

All homeowners should receive their ballot in the mail by February 1, 2023. If not, request a replacement ballot from Gold Coast Management by calling (805) 499-7800.

Votes Must Be Received by Gold Coast Management by close of polls on (or before) February 28, 2023!








For your vote to count, we encourage you to mail it back no later than February 21st, or hand deliver to Gold Coast Management no later than February 27th. (Note: the Mon, Feb 20 is President’s Day, and there’s no mail).

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