Craig Beatty

Incumbent, Current Three Springs HOA Board President

Hi. I’m Craig Beatty. I live on Kirsten Lee Drive and I’ve been a neighbor in Three Springs since 2007 with my wife and our three children. I am a CPA and Partner at KPMG where I lead our SoCal Private Equity practice. Prior to that, I was the CFO for a $5 billion Investment Manager and an auditor and consultant with Ernst & Young.

With my years of living in Westlake Village I have built strong relationships with local leaders including all of our City Council, City Manager, and Staff as well as local Sheriff’s department leadership. I have shared those relationships with several homeowners in helping them pursue issue resolution beyond the scope of our HOA. I have served corporate clients and boards for nearly 30 years and currently serve on the non-profit boards of the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA and The Bresee Foundation (Board Chair from 2015 – 2021). I previously served on the board of the Oak Grove HOA in Wauconda, IL.

I’m again running for our board because I know work remains to be done in Three Springs. We’ll build from a successful transition to our new Board in 2022.

In 2023, we will continue to integrate our new Management Company, the transition away from a policing board to a more professional acting and neighborly one. We will continue to encourage policies and behavior that allow Homeowner value creation and enjoying their ownership in Three Springs, while keeping the rhetoric and personal attacks of minority of naysayers and activists from causing neighborhood disruption. We’ll continue to work with Homeowners when the inadvertent fine situation arises, rather than hide behind the prior board’s practice of holding hearings w/o homeowners, being intolerant to requests for cooperation, and running to lawyers to solve matters where they aren’t needed.

We’ve heard multiple Homeowners compliment the 2022 approach which provided fast architectural approvals while respecting Homeowner aesthetic ideas. We’ll continue to keep an understanding of solar, drought, and navigating unanticipated issues with contractors front of mind. And we’ll keep the open dialogue with City leaders going for your benefit. And our 2023 Neighborhood Party will build upon last year’s success.

We’ll keep our dues reasonable and remain fiscally responsible. We successfully kept dues flat for 2023, setting a budget that matches our excess cash on hand and dues with expenditures, which also remained flat for 2023 despite the inflationary environment. There’s simply no need to take more from Homeowners than needed, despite what prior boards may have done.

We will complete the CC&R and By-law modernization work we started in 2022 to bring them current with California law and reflect a governance system appropriate to 2023, not the 1980’s.

In short, I want to continue what we started and build toward a scenario where more Homeowners see benefit to getting involved and leading rather than avoiding service because of the vitriol of a small minority or the difficulty of “the old ways.” I hope I’ve earned your vote with my service in 2022, but if not, please reach out and let me know what else I can do to make living in Three Springs great for you however I can. I encourage you to vote for Keith Honig, Steve Kernan, Fritz Stover, Mark Teitelbaum and of course, me.

Craig Beatty